My favorite time of the year is barbecue season!

There are few things in this life better than hilling out with some friend in the sun, having a few beers and cooking some meat over an open fire. From burgers to steaks to hot dogs to corn – everything tastes better when it has been charred over some hot coals.

However, as one man from Braxlands Ridge in north-west Sydney found out, barbecues need to be treated with respect – after all, as the old saying goes: if you play with fire, you’re gonna get burned!

The incident took place on April 1, but the joke was truly on him.

With his friends recording, the unidentified man walks over to his barbecue to throw an entire bucket of fire starters onto the flames. He signals a thumbs up and dumps near 100 starters onto the coals, but just fractions of a second later, his stupid decision nearly costs him his life.

Check out the moment the rather stupid man was engulfed in flames:

In the blink of an eye, the man is nearly burned alive by a huge explosion, as the entire terrifying incident is captured on camera.

Then moments later, he can be seen staggering out from the smoke and embers with a stunned expression on his face – clearly regretting his decision moments ago.

After running to safety, the man took his shirt off and was quickly rushed to the local emergency room, where he is reportedly still recovering in hospital, as of this writing.

My mother always taught me never to play with fire, and now I can see why.