To have a famous parent is one thing, to have their fortune is another, but to have good looks too? Well, that’s what you call winning the jackpot.

The following famous children have struck big on the genetic lottery by inheriting their parent’s distinctive looks – even those whose parents have indulged in a little plastic surgery. But the question is, can you tell who is who?

1. David Beckham & Brooklyn Beckham

Brooklyn Beckham may look a lot like his father, but the question is: can he Bend It Like Beckham?

2. Cyndi Crawford & Kaia Gerber

At 16-years-old, Kaia Gerber is taking the fashion world by storm, but what more could you expect from the daughter of the world’s first supermodel?

3. Jack Nicholson & Ray Nicholson

Jack Nicholson’s son would be about As Good As It Gets if he were to become a Jack Nicholson impersonator.  There is more than a Shining of resemblance between the two!