Life is full of ups and downs, but when you have a chronic illness, it becomes even more challenging. Twenty-seven-year-old Celia Martinez, 27, from Guadix, Spain, knows this all too well. She suffers from psoriasis – a skin condition which has affected up to 90% of her body.

She was first diagnosed with the condition when she was 16 and red sores began to appear on her stomach. Over time, they began to spread, including to her face, and they grew more painful, something which caused her to feel very self-conscious about her appearance.

In the video below, Celia explains how the condition has affected her life: 

Now, she has learned how to embrace her condition and is encouraging other people with psoriasis to do it too on Instagram where she proudly displays her skin, even during her worst flare-ups. Her confidence has seen the aspiring model amass over 100,000 followers on the app.

However, despite being incredibly popular online, the aspiring model has revealed that she’s been discriminated against in the modeling world, with casting agents refusing to book her for shoots because it would take a lot of work to edit her sores out of the final shots.

“In terms of my work as a model and in photo sessions, it’s true that sometimes they’ve even said, ‘Celia we can’t work with you because of your skin condition. You don’t have the requirements, you need to have perfect skin and it’s going to be a lot of work to edit it’,” she revealed.