Nobody tunes into any sports game to see it descend into a fight…

Okay, that is the only reason I ever watch sport, but it is still deplorable to see some of the world’s highest-paid athletes resort to violence over a game. However, that is what viewers witnessed on Wednesday night (April 11) when the players from both the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox engaged in a chaotic brawl on the field.

The incident was ignited after Yankees’ Tyler Austin rushed the mound after Red Sox reliever Joe Kelly struck him with a misplaced pitch.

Within moments, both benches were cleared as the rivalry between the two teams was ramped-up to an all-new physical level.

Check out the vicious altercation between the rivals in the video below:

The fight resulted in a trio of rejections, but the night ended with the New York Yankees winning 10-7, a result that consequently ended the Red Sox nine-game winning streak.

Of course, fans will remember that this is not the first time the two teams have become physical. In previous games between the teams, fans have witnessed the now-infamous Zim vs. Pedro, A-Rod vs. Varitek and Munson vs. Fisk (1973) fights.

Kelly’s stiff bodyline pitch came as the Yankees were leading 10-6 in the seventh – and the speed of the ball was clocked at an eyewatering 98 mph.

Austin – clearly incensed by the strike and the pain – slammed his bat against the plate, threw it to the ground, and took four steps toward the mound. Kelly then goaded Austin to come at him, which he quickly reciprocated.

The scuffle then spilled across the breadth of the field before it was broken up in front of Boston’s dugout on the first base side.

Yankees sluggers Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton can be seen pushing the pile, their hitting coach Marcus Thames shoved Austin all the way across the infield towards the Yankee dugout.

It may be entertaining to see impassioned players start to slug it out with their fists, but let’s remember that this is a family sport, and just how much these players are paid to perform to a high standard and in a professional manner. Tempers may rise, but it should never result in violence.