Most people are lucky enough to be born with five fully functioning senses, so it’s easy for us to take them for granted. That’s why it must be incredibly frustrating to lose out on fully experiencing the world when one of them doesn’t function the way it should do.

This was the case for a young American boy who was born colorblind, but thanks to technological advancements, specially made glasses enabled him to see in color for the first time in his life, and his reaction is, quite frankly, the most heartwarming thing I’ve ever seen.

“I wanna wear them forever,” he happily declares.

Watch the heartwarming footage for yourself below: 

Knowing how special the moment was, the boy’s mother recorded him putting on the glasses and realizing that he was able to see in color. In the video, he excitedly approaches everyday objects like flowers and cars, marveling that he can see them in color for the first time.

“Can I wear these to school?” the boy asks, hyperventilating with excitement.

“Yeah,” his mom replies.

Unfortunately, colorblindness affects more people than what most of us think. One in 12 men suffer from some form of it and one in 200 women are affected, which equates to roughly 4.7% of the population. It is more prevalent in males because it’s encoded on the X sex chromosome.

The development of glasses to enable colorblind people has revolutionized the lives of thousands of people. While they do not work in every case, 80% of those who use them report being able to see colors that they were unable to see before.

One thing’s for sure – after watching this video, I’m going to appreciate being able to see the world in all its colors in a way I never did before.