Thanks to the rise in popularity in celebrities like the Kardashians and Nicki Minaj, it has never been more desirable to have a big booty. Hense, there has been an influx of Instagram accounts and workout videos encouraging women to start doing their squats in order to train and gain their glutes.

However, speaking as a guy who hasn’t done a squat in his life, it doesn’t sound like the most fun – or effective – thing to be doing every day at the gym.

Nonetheless, getting that bubble butt is a goal many women who were not blessed with a peachy posterior aspire to, and one of those women who was not born with a big behind is 21-year-old Destiny Stephens.

Yes, Destiny achieved this impressive behind without doing a single squat:

When Destiny started her fitness journey five years ago, achieving a luscious round rump wasn’t even one of her goals.

Instead, the Ontario-based then-15-year-old simply wanted to hit the gym in order to attempt to combat her anxiety and depression.