Over the past few years, an increasing number transgender people have been coming out of the shadows to live their lives as their authentic selves. Now, trans people are making waves in almost every industry, and, as a result, one woman has launched a bid to be the first trans model to walk for Victoria’s Secret – a fashion company notorious for its far from inclusive portrayal of women as perfectly featured models.

To date, not a single plus size model has walked for the company, and as it stands, the vast majority of their angels have been white, slim and cisgender. However, in a world where diversity is being celebrated everywhere else, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that Victoria’s Secret needs to change, and transgender model Leyna Bloom has given them the perfect opportunity to do so with her online campaign.

Check out the video below where she opens up about her life as a transgender woman:

As you can tell from the photograph below, Bloom possesses the classically beautiful features and body type typically favored by Victoria’s Secret, the only thing that sets her apart from all of the other women that have walked before her is that she is a transgender woman of color.

Taking to Twitter to launch her campaign, the model wrote, “Trying to be the 1st trans model of color [to] walk a #VictoriaSecret fashion show. #transisbeautiful #LeynaBloom.”

It didn’t take long for Bloom’s tweet to go viral, with tens of thousands of people praising her bid to walk for Victoria’s Secret. This should be enough to show the company that there are a lot of people out there who would love to see a trans woman of color slay on their runway.