As technology advances at a rapid speed so does the subject matter of the ‘birds and bees’ talk. No longer is it a simple case of how a baby is made – you know, when a man really loves a woman and they share a special “hug” – because now there are multiple options when it comes to producing offspring.

You know, it’s sort of like when you go to McDonald’s and place your order on the self-service checkout. You have an abundance of options at your fingertips with flavor combinations that you’d never dreamed of trying. So yeah, making a baby in 2018 is a bit like ordering a burger – just with a lot more science and a lot less saturated fat.

For example, meet the woman who is addicted to carrying other people’s babies for them…

In recent years, the option of surrogacy has become incredibly popular among parents who are struggling to conceive or carry a child. High profile celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian who had her third child, Chicago, via a surrogate in 2017, have helped to destigmatize the procedure which has suffered a great deal of skepticism over the years. But there are still many who have ethical concerns regarding the process.

For example, a surrogate baby born in China this in December 2017 has raised more than a few eyebrows. The newborn, who has been named Tiantian, which means ‘sweet’ in Mandarin, was born four years after both his parents tragically died in a car accident.

Born to a surrogate mother, Tiantian was created from the fertilized embryos of his parents, Shen Jie and Liu Xi who had been undergoing fertility treatment when they died in the city of Yixing in 2013.