Chuck and Kim Walker already had a son, but they knew that they wanted to expand their family. After losing their second son, they adopted a daughter, but again, they didn’t feel complete.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, in the Hunan Province of China, a one-month-old baby girl was found inside a cardboard box at a train station. Little did the Walkers know that this would soon be their baby.

After hearing of the abandoned baby epidemic in China, the Walkers decided that they needed to help. Approaching various orphanages in the country, they eventually found McKenzie Grace, as they would later name her.

Falling in love with her photographs, they traveled to China to bring her home. Aware that the move would be a big change for McKenzie, who at this point was now one-year-old, they planned to take things slowly.

But upon welcoming McKenzie to her new home they quickly realized that she didn’t need to be treated cautiously because she had been blessed with a “God-given” gift.

In this video, the Walkers recall the moment they realized that McKenzie had a special talent…

Quickly McKenzie settled into her new life. In fact, she very quickly became accustomed to the Western ways. Chuck and Kim could hardly believe how lucky they’d been in finding their daughter.

But when they discovered her talent, their feeling of pride intensified. After all, if they hadn’t have adopted her, would McKenzie have flourished in the same way? If she’d have remained at the orphanage there’s a chance she may never have blossomed into the character that she is today.

The Walkers now thank God for connecting them to McKenzie. They also hope that their miraculous story will help encourage other parents to adopt children, especially from impoverished areas where the child could truly benefit from a stable home.