We all remember the year 1997 for very different reasons. For some, it was a year defined by the tragic death of Princess Diana, for others it was a time of celebration or commiseration as Bill Clinton took to the Oval Office for his second term and Tony Blair became the UK’s first Labour leader in 18 years after a landslide victory.

For Julie Kemp, it’s a year she can never forget, but for none of the aforementioned reasons. On October 19, 1997, Julie’s life changed forever after the car she was traveling in with her husband and son was crushed by an off-duty ambulance.

Julie was traveling in the passenger seat of the family’s Pontiac Sunfire as her husband, Andy, drove her and their 8-year-old son, Landon, home from church. The family, from Charlotte, North Carolina, were oblivious for the horror that awaited them as they approached the Mint-Hill intersection.

In fact, Julie is still not clear on what happened that day. All she can remember is the sound of her husband shouting as the off-duty ambulance came hurtling towards their car, then everything goes blurry.