As a direct result of social media, pregnancy announcements are now a mainstream thing. Everybody does them, even celebrities.

There are apparently no rules when it comes to declaring your baby-making abilities. The key, however, is to make it funny, cute or interesting.

Whilst millions of parents get it right, there are many more who don’t. For example, the following parents-to-be made monumental mistakes when they took to social media to tell the world they were expecting…

1. What happens if the baby likes Pepsi?

If it’s not politically correct in our modern society to learn of your baby’s gender before they’re born, then is it okay to pre-determine that they’ll have a taste for Coca-Cola? They might prefer Pepsi!

2. Keeping it classy

We all love comical pictures springing up in our Facebook timelines, but there is something particularly unnerving about two parents-to-be sharing their happy news with the world via the medium of naked toys, alcohol and a condom.

3. That looks sanitary

This couple obviously have a very strong connection to this dirt pool that they chose to have their pregnancy announcement snaps taken in, because why else would you chose this as your backdrop?!