Popular culture has fetishized relationships between attractive female teachers and their male students. The reality, however, is far from a fantasy, and any teacher willing to put their job and a student’s wellbeing on the line by having relations with them deserves to be condemned.

Stories of young attractive teachers sleeping with their pupils often hit the headlines, and they have shown no signs of letting up when it comes to how shocking they are, with the teachers in question often threatening their students when they attempt to end their illicit relationship.

The most recent example of this happened when 53-year-old Deborah Lowe (who admittedly doesn’t fall into the young category and we will leave you to decide if she’s attractive) from Cheshire, England, sent her 15-year-old student a card after he blocked her on social media saying, “Who else can I be a sl*t with?” – a card which was found by his mother and naturally led to the police being called.

The student had reportedly blocked his teacher after they had sex at her house.

Lowe had sent the card to the 15-year-old on her own birthday.

In it, a woman can be seen face down in grass exposing her underwear. Lowe captioned the image, “This is me after I found out you blocked me!”

The 53-year-old, who was the 15-year-old’s pastoral care teacher, wrote inside, “I’m a mess. You blocked me and I don’t know what I have done. Who else can I be a sl*t with?”