When you find out your significant other is cheating on you, you have two options – you can either wallow in self-pity for days, weeks or months on end, or you can get revenge and make them rue the day they double-crossed you.

While it may be easier for most people take the first option, the most brazen people amongst us will have no qualms about giving their unfaithful partner a big, fat payback.

One woman wanted to make sure her cheating boyfriend felt the full force of her wrath, however, in practice, the revenge she had planned, well, didn’t quite go to plan:

The shocking clip shows the moment she starts attacking her boyfriend’s black vehicle. She begins the attack by hitting the windows with a sizable rock at full-force in an attempt to break them.

Onlookers can be heard reacting to the shock attack by gasping in the background. It then becomes apparent that the windows are bullet-proof and are therefore completely resistant to being struck, even with whacks as fierce as the ones the woman can be seen giving.

However, the scorned woman does eventually manage to get the revenge she had planned so painstakingly. In the video’s next frame, the car is entirely on fire and firemen can be seen arriving in order to quell the flames of the fire.

It is still unknown as to where the video was filmed and the woman at the center of this whole episode has also not been identified.

If you’ve also been cheated on recently and are thinking of getting revenge, I’d say go down a much safer route and find yourself a new squeeze. Vandalizing cars, regardless of the reason, is very much illegal, so I’d avoid it at all costs.