Two of the United Kingdom’s best-loved national treasures are Sir David Attenborough and Her Majesty the Queen. Their opinions have molded the minds of entire generations, often changing society for the better, and the pair, both 91, recently met up for a new British television show, The Queen’s Green Planet, which saw them take a leisurely stroll through the grounds of Buckingham Palace.

The show is centered around a project called the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy, which is aiming to create a network of forests around the world, and as the Queen and Attenborough wandered around the palace grounds, they discussed the trees in its garden.

As they wandered, however, the Queen became increasingly irate by a plane that was flying overhead and, unable to contain her frustration at the palace being beneath a flight path any longer, said, “Why do they go round and round when you want to talk?”

She then proceeded to take a sly dig at the leader of the free world, President Trump, and Attenborough was unable to contain his laughter.

Watch the video below to see what the Queen had to say about the President:

Attenborough admitted that he was nervous about meeting the Queen for the programme, despite having enjoyed her company a number of times before, because “all sorts of things could have gone wrong.”

However, he said that the Queen was quick to put him at ease for their conversation.

“There were problems in that where the palace is, geographically, there are always police sirens and ambulance sirens that make filming difficult,” he told the Radio Times.

“But she took it all in her stride. It was a privilege, of course, a very nice occasion – and she was very gracious. She is very unsolemn, very good at putting people at their ease.”