Having long hair is no mean feat, especially if you want it to look good. For a lot of people, maintaining their luscious locks takes up a significant amount of time – whether it’s spent washing their hair or straightening and tweaking it to perfection.

An unfortunate by-product of long hair, however, is the stray hairs that manage to make their way onto a person’s floor. Speaking as a woman with long hair, I have no option but to hoover every time I dry or straighten it because of how much I cast.

Long hair presents a problem when you’re spending a lot of time at your significant other’s house if they’ve not got long hair themselves, as you unintentionally end up casting onto their floor, something which eventually got too much for the guy in the picture above.

The final straw for 20-year-old Keenan Meakin came when he put on a pair of socks, only to discover that his toes were entangled in his girlfriend Sophie’s hair. Infuriated, he went on an explosive text rant that almost everyone can relate to in one way or another.

Sophie posted the hilarious exchange on social media with the caption, “Love getting nice texts off my boyfriend”.

Keenan began the hilarious exchange by writing:

“You’re banned from brushing your hair in my room now. I’m bored of finding f*cking hair everywhere.

If I f***ed you off and let a border collie stay here three times a week instead there would be no difference at all.”

The exchange was met with a lot of praise on social media, with countless other guys saying they had the same problem with their girlfriends.