If you’re strapped for cash or are simply looking to win the holiday of a lifetime, game shows are a great idea. They’re free to enter, and if you’re lucky enough to be selected, all you have to do is hold your nerve and keep your focus on live TV to be in with a chance of winning.

While game shows are fantastic for contests when they win, they’re all the more entertaining when they lose by a mere hairsbreadth. However, very few game show fails are as dramatic as the one which recently took place on Wheel of Fortune, costing a man $7,000 and a “special prize”.

The man, identified as Johnny, only had one task left to complete before scooping $7,100. All he had to do was pronounce “Flamenco Dance Lessons”. Sounds like a steal, right? Well, in his excitement he ended up making this spectacular blunder…

Watch the devastating fail for yourself in the video below:

Johnny realized he’d made a terrible mistake when the show’s host, Pat Sajak, buzzed him for a wrong answer and awarded his fellow contestant $1,000 and Johnny’s special prize which, appropriately enough, turned out to be a trip to Spain – where the flamenco dance originates.

His face in the still above really does say it all because everyone – including the audience – were convinced that he was about to win.

Johnny, however, is not the first game show contestant to throw away their prize through mispronunciation. A similar incident occurred on Jeopardy! when a man lost $3,000 after pronouncing calling Coolio’s song ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ as ‘Gangster’s Paradise’ with an ‘R’.

Talk about fickle…