To be completely honest, I’m terrified to go under the knife. It’s to the point that a few years ago when I needed dental surgery, I sought out a surgeon who would do the procedure without anesthetic. The idea of completely trusting someone with your life while you’re unconscious is horrifying to me.

My phobia may not be completely unfounded since recently in Russia, a medical team made a terrible mistake during a routine surgical procedure that cost a young woman her life. Now, her mother is accusing the hospital of murdering her only child.

Ekaterina Fedyaeva, who was just 27 years old, went into the hospital for a minor surgical procedure, but at some point during the operation, a saline drip was mistakenly replaced with formalin.

Saline is simply a sodium chloride and water solution used for hydration. Formalin is toxic and used to prevent corpses from decomposing. How the two bags could have possibly gotten mixed up is baffling. What’s worse, the hospital tried to cover up their mistake.