Spring has sprung, and now it seems that every television commercial and pop-up internet advertisement is all about weight loss.

While it’s perfectly normal to pack on a few extra pounds over the winter and want to get fit in time for the summer weather, sometimes the pressure to have a perfect body can be overwhelming.

Women especially feel the pressure to be thin. Most female celebrities resemble skeletons, and plenty of people have opinions on just how skinny you have to be to pull off a bikini. In reality, the perfect beach body should be any body that’s on the beach.

Sadly, most of us are shallow and buy into needing to look like whatever is the “in” weight of the moment.

Seriously, women don’t know if they should look like prepubescent boys to fit into all the designer runway duds or pack on a few pounds to get those sexy Kim K and J Lo boobs and butts.

However, personal trainer Sia Cooper has recently proven that getting your desired body may not have anything to do with your weight.