So much free content is available on the internet these days that it’s a wonder anyone still has cable television anymore. But for those of us who do, we know that it can be expensive, especially when you start buying any of those extra pay-per-view features.

You might know where I’m going with this because anyone who lived through the 90s probably associates pay-per-view with expensive adult movies – frequently on offer in hotels or hidden within the blocked channels of your parents’ cable subscription.

Check out the hilarious moment this dad caught his son watching adult movies in the video below: 


As it turns out, one young boy recently discovered that his mom’s cable subscription still offers pay-per-view adult movies and decided to have a look… to the tune of $700! Clearly, nobody told him about the unlimited amounts of free explicit material online.

Getting caught looking at adult movies can be pretty embarrassing, but when your mom sees that you’ve racked up the equivalent of a month’s rent in pay-per-view explicit content, well, that’s just downright mortifying.

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