We have all had days where we have longed to just escape to the middle of nowhere, to live wild and hunt and forage for our food. Bored with modern day technology, money and people, we crave a world where none of this exists.

For 71-year-old Marcos Rodríguez Pantoja, also known as the “Mowgli of Spain”, life in the wild has been his reality. Abandoned in Spain’s Sierra Morena mountain range at the age of seven, he took refuge in a cave inhabited by wolves, snakes and deer, where he happily lived until he was found at the age of 19.

His 12 years in the mountains began rather turbulently when he was three years old after his mother died during childbirth. The following years saw him be brutally beaten by his father and stepmother, who eventually sold him to a goatherder in the mountains.

After moving to the mountains, he was taught the fundamental elements of the job by an old man. But this refuge wouldn’t last long, for it is believed that the old man died, leaving Marcos completely alone.

He managed to survive by eating berries and root vegetables, before being adopted by a mother wolf who took him in as one of her own.