Everyone’s a little insecure about their bedroom game. How can you really, totally be 100% sure that you’re pleasing your partner? Likewise, how do you tell your partner without being insulting exactly what you need to be pleased, too?

Well, new survey results may have done all that work for you! In a poll of both men and women, it was revealed just what everyone wants more of in bed. There were 1,000 people surveyed by BodyLogicMD and there was one overwhelming response from both men and women.

It turns out that one very important thing is getting overlooked in the bedroom and everyone wants more of it. What is it? You’ll likely be surprised, but first, let’s look at the other top bedroom desires, and I’m not talking about new sheets!

Are you getting a little tired of missionary position? Chances are your partner is, too. Trying new positions was a top response to what people wanted when it came to sex. So go on, switch it up!