The internet has some pretty disgusting content on it if you go searching, but sometimes you come across a gem as perfect as this video that is so great it just has to be shared. This girl is totally owning her fart game and massively gets back at her little brother for all the times he was ever gross to her.

Check out the hilarious clip for yourself below:

Bonus points for this girl having absolutely no shame, either. Any girl who says she doesn’t fart is totally lying to you. I mean, come on, farting does have a biological function, too! Plus, this isn’t just some little toot, she totally lets it rip!

Her little brother is completely mortified at witnessing his big sister unleash the most putrid, earth-shaking, vibrational fart. Seriously, this is the kind of stuff you’d expect from your fat uncle after a burrito binge. Women like burritos too, and all those spicy beans have got to go somewhere!

Want to know the best part? The internet is loving it! One commenter suggests that the girl is “marriage material right there”, while another says “good to see a woman that is not afraid to fart, good work.”

Ah, there’s nothing more satisfying than a good fart. Ladies, don’t you agree?