Winning unlimited chicken nuggets sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, for one man named Carter Wilkerson, that was a dream come true! A year ago, he tweeted the popular fast food franchise, Wendy’s, to ask how many retweets it would take to win free nuggets for a year.

To his surprise, they actually tweeted him back with a number: 18 million. It seemed that Wendy’s was being clever and didn’t really want to give out the free nuggets. After all, 18 million retweets would far surpass any previous viral tweet.

That didn’t stop Carter from trying. With the #NuggsForCarter hashtag, he got an incredibly impressive 3.4 million retweets, which broke the previous record number of retweets. That had been held by Ellen DeGeneres for her viral Academy Awards selfie.

Wendy’s was impressed with Carter’s effort, and despite not achieving 18 million retweets, they decided to give him a year of free nuggets anyway, plus donated $100,000 in Carter’s name to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

It’s now been nearly a year since Carter received his delicious chicken prize. So just how many nuggets has he managed to eat?