Schenee Murry-Hawkins is just 27 years old, but rather than enjoying her twenties, she’s basically housebound. At 721 lbs, she can’t do much but sit around and eat. Her BMI is a staggering 123, which is more than five times that of a normal person, which is usually between 18.5 and 24.9.

Want to hear this story in Schenee’s words? Check out her version of events below:

Schenee claims her food issues began after she was molested as a young child by her cousin and that she started sneaking food to cope with the emotional trauma. At just seven years old, Schenee weighted 130 lbs.

A teacher at her school threw out her lunch in front of her classmates in an effort to shame her into losing weight, but the incident had the opposite effect and she began to eat even more. Schenee was 300 lbs by the time she graduated high school and 430 lbs by the age of 20.

Schenee met her husband, Freddie, when she weighed 500 lbs. He didn’t mind that she was morbidly obese, but would be tasked with bathing her and cleaning her skin folds to prevent painful sores because Schenee is practically immobile.

However, Freddie was not the best influence on Schenee, and he enabled her by buying all sorts of greasy take-out meals, high-fat snacks, and lots and lots of sugary treats.