Chef Gordon Ramsay certainly knows how to dish it out, but how would he react if one of his dishes was criticized?

The celebrity chef is no stranger to passing his judgments and has gotten quite the reputation for being overly critical and hotheaded. It just wouldn’t seem right if he wasn’t calling someone a donkey or an idiot sandwich!

It’s no surprise then that the internet has exploded and rejoiced in seeing Ramsay get a taste of his own medicine.

Rather than delivering the criticism, Chef Ramsay actually once found himself on the receiving end of another chef’s harsh words. The unearthed clip below is from 2009, but it’s surely still a sore spot in Ramsay’s memory.

Let’s rehash the past and enjoy a few laughs at his expense, shall we?

Ramsay was tasked with making pad thai in an episode of The F-Word for Chef Chang, who is the executive chef for Thai restaurant, The Blue Elephant.

When tasting Ramsay’s signature Thai dish, Chang doesn’t mince words, and quickly leaves Ramsay stunned after tearing into his meal – a meal Ramsay was desperately hoping to impress with.

Ramsay is clearly insulted, but holds his ground, calling Chef Change a “tough cookie” to please. (I actually think Chang would have been happier eating a tough cookie.)

While he may not have suffered as much humiliation as the contestants on Hell’s Kitchen, it was rather enjoyable to see that even Gordon Ramsay isn’t perfect all of the time.