Losing weight is not easy, especially if you’re morbidly obese. However, being considerably overweight comes hand-in-hand with a number of health problems that can blight a person’s life long into the future, which is why it’s important, when possible, to try and shed the pounds.

This is something which 29-year-old Melanie from Dallas, Texas, knows all too well. She had two bariatric surgeries in five years after reaching a staggering weight of 360 lbs (25 stone 10 lbs). Amazingly, she dropped to 175 lbs (12 stone 7 lbs), but this left her with a lot of excess skin.

Check out the video below to see how her excess skin was affecting her day to day life:

Aside from attracting unwanted stares and comments from strangers, Melanie’s excess skin was also affecting her dating life. A man abruptly ended a first date with her when he accidentally touched the excess skin on her arm, something which no doubt knocked her confidence.

Thankfully, however, she has now found love, and her new boyfriend is proud of her for the incredible transformation she has undergone.

Melanie said that she knew she was going to have a problem with excess skin after her “wonderful” weight loss when her body started to “deflate”.

“You can just feel the extra skin weighing on your bones,” she revealed. “When it pulls on your body, it feels heavy, you can feel the skin rubbing together.”