We live in a society in which very slim bodies are hailed as the ideal figure and something that we should aspire to attain. For this reason, people who don’t have a slender physique are often made to feel marginalized, insufficient and unattractive.

Fat-shaming is a very real issue and, unfortunately, it happens way too often. Often those who bear the brunt of our fat-shaming culture are young adults and teenagers.

It is this section of society that has to grapple with their own self-image and the ways in which their physical appearance conflicts with mainstream ideals.

But not everyone is willing to let these mainstream ideals convince them that they are unworthy of respect.

Check out how this teenager reacted when someone called his girlfriend fat:

A teenager defending his girlfriend – sweet, right? But trust me, 19-year-old Vega Blossom’s story is even sweeter.

Yep, the teenager has won a great deal of respect from the internet for responding in the most superbly sassy way after being fat-shamed in a bakery by a fellow customer.