Personal hygiene is not something that should be optional. However, if you often ride on public transport or frequent nightclubs and bars, you’ll know that not everybody is aware of this. Be it intentional or not, some people really do suck at taking care of themselves.

Of course, there is very little you can do about the situation unless you know the offender. You can’t demand that a stranger bathe themselves because that would be rude, and that’s even more offensive than smelling like an onion. But if you know them, then things are a little different, because as somebody’s friend you are contractually obliged to be honest with them.

With that in mind, imagine that your best friend hasn’t cut their finger or toenails in four years. Their curling talons are now so long that daily tasks, such as writing, have become impossible. What would you do?

Well, clearly the friends of 16-year-old Simone Taylor haven’t done anything, for the teen is proud to flaunt her shockingly long nails.

Taylor stopped trimming her nails in August 2014. Now, four years later, they measure a staggering six inches – something the German student is very proud of.