I remember being 16-years-old and wishing that I could look older in order to get served in UK bars. Two years of using a fake ID later, I came of age and suddenly my juvenile dreams were nothing more than a foolish fantasy.

Several more years have since passed, and now in my early 20s, I am wishing for the opposite. Like a large majority of the population, I live in fear of grey hairs and wrinkles. However, nobody is quite as haunted by the aging process as Zara Hartshorn, who, at the tender age of 22, is often mistaken for a grandmother.

Since the age of 12, Zara has been mistaken for a woman almost three times her age as a result of a rare genetic condition which she inherited from her mother. Subjected to stares in the street and cruel comments at school, Zara has grown tiresome of her appearance and desperate for cosmetic surgery to help normalize her life.

Committed to charge, Zara underwent her first surgical procedure at just 16-years-old. But is she happy with the results? Watch the video to find out…

Despite only being a teen, Zara opted to undergo the four-hour procedure in a desperate attempt to make her look the same age as her classmates who have long bullied her for her appearance.

However, the procedure wasn’t exactly all that she’d hoped it to be once she returned home. Whilst her facelift gave her temporary joy and a much-needed confidence boost, this joy wouldn’t last long.

Sadly for Zara, her life has been a turbulent uphill battle, but she is now learning to love herself exactly as she is.

It’s hard not to commend her incredible courage when faced with such a challenging condition! Maybe her story will help you to put things into perspective next time you think you’ve found a grey hair!