One of the biggest fears people have in relationships is that their other halves will cheat on them sooner or later.

And that’s because cheating is so common that no matter how much we trust our partners, deep down, a lot of us think that their straying is pretty much inevitable.

We’re so obsessed with it that we even dedicate entire YouTube channels to exposing cheaters:

Because everyone is so insecure that their other halves will cheat on them, it’s very easy to take advantage of a partner’s fear that you have been unfaithful on April Fool’s Day.

Or at least that’s what Jordan (AKA Rodney) from Maryland thought. Only it didn’t quite turn out how he planned…

The 19-year-old decided that he would tell his high school sweetheart that he had cheated on her, purely as a prank, only the prank backfired massively.

He messaged his girlfriend saying, “I’m just gonna be honest with you. I kissed another girl yesterday.”

Initially, she responded with a series of questions highlighting her utter devastation and confusion at the news.

Then, suddenly, she completely changes her tune…