Sustaining injuries is pretty much part and parcel of playing sport, and particularly if you are playing this sport professionally. It’s a bit of a paradox – you have to be in good shape and physically fit to perform well when playing sport, but then said sport can put a lot of pressure on your body making it more susceptible to injury.

Now, you can quite easily imagine getting injured during contact sports such as football or boxing, but there are some sports you might have thought would be a little kinder to your body. I mean, how much damage could you do while playing a nice slow and relaxing sport like golf?

Well, quite a lot apparently – just ask pro-golfer Tony Finau.

Yesterday, during the Par-3 Contest at the Masters, he suffered a pretty gruesome injury while celebrating a hole-in-one:

So what exactly happened? Well, seconds after delighting the crowds with his impressive hole-in-one, the 28-year-old ran down the course in celebration. However, this soon came to a stop when he slipped and appeared to have dislocated his ankle. He then popped it back into place, limping off while waving at the concerned crowd.

Now, the fall may have looked pretty painful but the dedicated golfer, ranked No. 32 in the world, was able to continue playing, and it seems likely he will still be partaking in the first round later today (Thursday 5th).

However, if it turns out Finau has, in fact, caused serious damage to his ankle, the likeliness of his continuing the tournament could be called into question. As of yet, X-rays have come back negative but he is set for an MRI later today.

We can only hope the talented golfer has not done any serious damage and will be able to give his all in the tournament.