It’s an unfortunate fact that the honest men and women amongst us sort of have to accept, that there are fraudsters and con artists who will willingly cheat us out of our hard-earned cash.

One example of fraudulent activity that motorists need to be particularly wary of is the “crash for cash” scam.

On Monday, a dashcam captured a man attempting, and failing, to pull off his very own “crash for cash” scam in Nottingham, England.

In the video, the cyclist deliberately throws himself onto the ground in front of a car, pretending to be injured:

The clip shows the cyclist riding down the road before seemingly falling off the bike and laying on the ground.

However, the moment a passenger in the car tells the man that the vehicle is fitted with a dashcam, he suddenly makes a swift recovery, jumps to his feet and starts shouting obscenities at the passenger.

Elizabeth Aspey, who was driving the car, revealed how she reacted during the incident in an interview with Newsflare:

“We were on our way home from Nottingham to Stoke at about 8.30pm, I think. I thought he was just being an idiot in the middle of the road with his bike so I slowed down but then he threw himself on the floor. We had seen a similar video before so I think we both knew what was going on.

It was just so bizarre because I just felt like things like this don’t happen to us. I just count myself lucky that I wasn’t alone and that I had the dashcam to film it all.”

In the short video, Elizabeth’s boyfriend, Jack Campion, can be heard very calmly informing the cyclist that they know exactly what’s going. “Excuse me, we’ve got a dashcam,” he starts. “You might want to get going.”

“F**k you!” the man replies, before putting up his hood and turning towards the bike.

He then lifts the bike up while heading towards the car and it initially appears that he will throw it at the car in sheer anger. Luckily, he seems to decide against it and simply walks off, dragging his bike along with him.

Hopefully, this little episode served to teach him, and others like him, that crime really doesn’t pay.