In this modern world, we are constantly surrounded by peril. It’s the reason why health and safety exists, as without it, there would be hundreds, if not thousands, more stories exactly like this one…

On March 21, a woman in the Bulacan, Philippines, saw her entire life flash before her eyes after a rogue tree fell into the road, crushing her as it came into contact with the concrete.

The woman, who’d just exited a truck along with a companion, walks along the road as a large articulated lorry tries to squeeze past on the opposite side of the narrow road.

Unable to fit through the tight gap, the lorry tears down a tree which bounces off the back of the truck before tumbling towards the ground.

Initially, the woman manages to avoid any danger, but then the tree comes back with a vengeance and this time she can’t escape and is knocked out cold…

The woman, who became conscious shortly after the incident, was taken to hospital for treatment of her injuries. It is not clear what the state of her current condition is.

Meanwhile, a woman who works near the site of the incident said how appalled she was by what had happened. “We don’t personally know the women, they were brought to the hospital after what happened,” said Athena Cruz. “It was really shocking, everything that happened was really an accident. Nobody wanted what happened.”

“The truck hit the tree when it stopped to unload a passenger on the other side of the road,” she continued. “There was very little space on the road because of the illegally parked vehicles.”

Whilst this is an incident that could easily happen again, and maybe already has several times since, it is extremely unlikely so don’t let it fear you into locking yourself away for eternity! We hope the woman is well on her way to recovery after her lucky escape.