One of the greatest movies of the early noughties is School of Rock. Released in 2003, much to the delight of my then 10-year-old self, it stars Jack Black as a failed musician who gets in over his head when he poses as a substitute music teacher at a prestigious prep school.

Desperate for cash, he forms what can only be described as the world’s greatest school band in an attempt to win a Battle of the Bands competition to pay off his rent. This happens after he realizes that his class is filled with talented musicians – and what ensues is nothing short of brilliant.

Check out the clip below to remind yourself of this noughties classic:

Don’t just take my word for how brilliant School of Rock is, though. Until 2015, it was the highest grossing musical comedy of all time. What’s more is that it spawned some brilliant one-liners which have made their way into popular use like the classic “You’re tacky and I hate you” insult.

Credit: Paramount Pictures / School of Rock

Despite loving the movie on its release, and occasionally rewatching clips of it as an adult, I never kept tabs on what happened to its child stars. So you can only imagine how amazed I was to discover that one of Mr. Schneebly’s band members, Freddie, grew up to be an actual rock god.

Credit: Paramount Pictures / School of Rock

In case your memory needs refreshing, Freddy was one of Mr. Schneebly’s most rebellious students who had all the trappings of a rock star in the making, including a general dislike for authority and spiked hair that really helped him look the part.

Even though School of Rock was a massive success, it was the first and last movie which Kevin Alexander Clark, who played Freddy, starred in.