Children can, quite literally, drive their parents insane. This is especially true of toddlers, who can reek havoc almost everywhere they go. While teaching children to behave is no mean feat, there are certain deterrents which should be off limits like physical abuse.

Parents slapping their children has become a particularly contentious issue in recent years, with many people condemning those who do it as abusers, but one mother in Taiwan went much, much further than this and drove off with her son clinging to her car.

The shocking incident was filmed by an onlooker, who captured the mother and son locked in a distressing battle. The child had been misbehaving, and his mother decided to teach him a lesson that he would never forget by leaving him in a car park alone.

In the video, the boy can be heard wailing, “I won’t do it again” as he desperately clings to his mother’s car as she drives away. Instead of realizing that she has gone too far, his mother gets out of the car and repeatedly chases him away with an umbrella.

Watch the shocking footage for yourself below:

According to Zhudong Township police, the woman in question had brought the boy and his two siblings to Zhongzheng Park. However, after it began to rain, she decided to leave early to bring in the family’s laundry, which is what caused her son to act up.

The boy refused to leave the park with his family, and his mother decided that the perfect punishment for him would be to simply leave him there.

Hsinchu’s Department of Social Welfare are currently investigating the incident.