For some reason, there are a number of family movies from the 1990s in which the child actors who played the starring roles later faded into obscurity.

I mean, there was Ariana Richards from Jurassic Park (1993), Bradley Pierce from Jumanji (1995), Mara Wilson from Matilda (1996), and many more.

Another beloved 90s classic is the 1993 movie, Free Willy. You might remember that Jason James Richter was the little kid who played Jesse in the hit movie.

You can watch the trailer here:

Considering that the movie is now 25 years old, it should come as no surprise to you that Richter is very much a grown man. In fact, the former child star who made hearts melt in the critically acclaimed family movie is on his way to hitting the big 4-0.

Yes, the now 38-year-old actor is still a part of Hollywood, but before you go thinking he is now a washed-up actor with no real future in the business, well, you’re wrong. He is still raking in the cash and a lot of it.

According to Richter’s Instagram page, he now works in the industry as both an actor and producer. Plus, he often posts photos from the set of whatever movie he happens to be working on at the time.