Have you heard about Yanet Garcia, Mexico’s hottest weather girl? If not, where have you been? Garcia has been blessing the internet with her incredible Instagram posts, showcasing one heck of an impressive backside.

Garcia has always been stunningly gorgeous but started out presenting the weather with a conventional “skinny model” look. However, in more recent times she has hit the gym and completely transformed her body – and booty – into an absolute masterpiece!

Check out one of Yanet’s amazing workouts below:

Yanet Garcia has certainly earned the title of Mexico’s hottest weather girl! Hell, she’s probably earned the title of “World’s hottest weather girl” by now.

And can I just add how refreshing it is to be celebrating a woman’s body that it totally fit and healthy? This girl has some serious muscle!

To prove just how in-shape Garcia is, she’s recently released multiple must-watch workout videos on her Instagram. You’ll see for yourself exactly how she keeps her tushie so toned through all the deep squats, bends, and leg lifts your heart could desire. And yes, we have posted them here for you!