I’ll admit, I’ve done a bit of sleepwalking before, but nothing crazy. When I was about eight years old, my mom found me at the top of the stairs asking about my maths homework. Sure, it was weird, but nothing as freaky as YouTube user PillowtalkTK.

After his girlfriend told him about some of the creepy things he said and did when he fell asleep, he decided to set up and camera in their bedroom to finally record his actions.

The whole thing has a very Paranormal Activity-feel to it…

He set up a camera over several nights a caught some very bizarre footage of himself shouting, having conversations, and actually getting up and moving around. What makes the whole thing even funnier is that his partner is trying to sleep in the same bed next to him!

You’ve got to check the video out. It’s one of those things that will definitely be passed around the breakroom on someone’s cellphone at work on Monday:

At certain points, he interacts with his girlfriend while asleep, doing some creepy petting motions and even appearing to smell her. I don’t know how she puts up with it every night. If I were her, I’d be requesting a second bedroom… or just another boyfriend altogether. One that didn’t remind me of The Exorcist every time I’m tried to fall asleep.

At certain parts of the video, the man discusses tree removal, the hardness of concrete, and curses quite a few times. He also adjusts his sleeping position into some hilarious poses. Did I mention he’s only wearing a pair of briefs?

Sleepwalking may be uncommon in most, but it is usually harmless to the individual and those around them. However, there are people who have done some pretty dangerous things whilst sleepwalking.

One girl in China climbed a 13-story construction crane, other people have had sex with strangers, and one guy even got off a murder investigation because experts were convinced he did it all in his sleep.

Sleep tight!