Professional wrestling likes to blur the lines between what is real and what is scripted. But when pro-wrestler Devin Danger spit on a young fan, he showed everyone that he is actually a massive idiot.

The event went down when Devin Danger was making his way to the ring. He passed through the crowd of fans, which included a young girl who wanted to give the wrestler a high-five.

He stops and notices the girl, approaching with an extended palm, but instead of playfully slapping her hand, he suddenly pulls it back at the last second and forcefully spits his gum at her. He then seems pleased with himself and begins to continue on his way.

Check out the video below. Share it widely and shame away!

However, karma is swift and a man who is presumably the little girl’s father “Hulks up” and attacks Davin Danger, sending him down to the floor and letting him know what a real punch feels like. The dad is so incensed by the wrestler’s disgusting actions, that he has to be pulled off him by security before eventually calming down.

Now, many wrestlers will often insult or play to a live crowd in order to get “heat” on them, but actually spitting on a child is perhaps one of the lowest things I’ve seen a performer do.

Devin Danger responded on Twitter, writing, “I apologized to the girl & her father the night it happened. The gum wasn’t intended to hit her, that was an accident. I am again very sorry.”

The apology doesn’t mean much when the decision to do such a thing is completely idiotic. At least he took a few punches and the whole thing was caught on camera for the modern day obligatory internet shaming.