heating is so common that it’s almost inevitable it will happen to you at least once. There are various ways you find out about it too – you can catch your partner in the act, find out through a loved one, or hear them talking to their lover on the phone in a suspiciously hushed tone.

Some people even enlist the help of popular YouTube channels:

But one woman found out about her husband’s unfaithfulness in a rather different way, namely from stalking his Instagram activity.

The understandably furious wife from Russia, pictured below, discovered that her husband, a lecturer, was cheating on her after finding pictures of one of his students sitting in their apartment on Instagram.

Anna Rudenok, the wife of a university lecturer, Dmitry Rudenok, grew suspicious of her husband after checking his “likes” on the popular photo-sharing app. What 24-year-old Anna noticed was that he continued to like photos uploaded by Emilia Ignatova, one of his students.

Anna, who recently became a mom, also saw photos of the 19-year-old student and part-time model, in her own home. It was then that she knew for sure that her husband was doing the dirty with another woman and not just any woman – a young student of his.