The world and everything that dwells within it is infinitely weird and wonderful. From spooky UFO sightings to rare species of sea creatures, planet earth is the gift that just keeps on giving. However, when you think of bizarre phenomena like these, you wouldn’t expect to find one in your own backyard.

But that’s exactly what happened when one unsuspecting lady found a strange, seemingly unidentifiable object in her backyard.

Watch the spooky object in the process of hatching:

She had absolutely no idea what it could be from its appearance – it was oddly-shaped, looked moist in texture and appeared to be hatching something inside. Her suspicions that it was a hatching egg of some sort intensified when the mysterious mass appeared to move.

When it continued to move, without anything to account for its sudden mobility, the woman soon decided there was nothing else for it – the egg was definitely hatching. As alarmed as she was, this lady was also totally fascinated and consumed by curiosity, so she decided to record the hatching process on camera.

I mean, how was she to know that unidentifiable mass wasn’t a member of an extraterrestrial species? In that case, capturing the moment it came to life would be an invaluable piece of evidence for scientists to research.

As the egg continued to move, a red shape became visible the transparent layer from within. Then suddenly the mysterious species began to emerge, protruding itself out of the shell – but the woman was still none the wiser.

The bright red “tentacles” confirmed it wasn’t a species of bird, but thanks to the people of the internet, the woman was finally able to find the answer. But it was the furthest from what she was expecting.

Regardless of what the truth was about what hatched from the bizarre egg, the sight of it emerging from the egg is certainly enough to give anybody nightmares.