When you’re an expectant mother, especially by the time you can legitimately refer to yourself as heavily pregnant, you’re typically given free rein to act as “hormonally” as you like. You can eat as indulgently as you like, you can have as many mood swings as you like, and perhaps best of all, you can be as lazy as you like.

I mean, in theory, you can be as lazy as you like because in practice, planning for a baby, which famously takes a village to raise, is stressful and time-consuming.

However, you’re not expected to do much strenuous activity; indeed, you’re usually discouraged from doing any heavy-lifting and from not sitting down wherever possible.

But one mother has gone against the grain by continuing to pole dance, which is undeniably a strenuous activity:

Allison Sipes, an expectant first-time mother from Orlando, Florida, has demonstrated through a series of photos her immense dedication to the art of pole dancing.