Social media has often been criticized for promoting unrealistic body standards. But it has also led to the rise of the body positivity movement, which has encouraged countless women around the world to embrace what nature gave them and love the skin that they are in.

Instagram is the platform where the body positivity movement can be seen in all its glory, with many models and prominent figures using it as a means to share pictures of themselves showing off flaws that would have traditionally been deemed as unacceptable by the media.

Check out the video below where model Ashley Graham explains how she learned to love her curves:

One of the biggest proponents of body positivity on social media is the model Ashley Graham who, despite being an average dress size for a woman in the US, was told that she was too fat to make it in the modeling industry. However, she went on to prove her naysayers wrong.

Graham has now made a name for herself not only as a plus size model but as a model who refuses to allow her pictures to be edited by magazines. This allows women to see more normal bodies in the media, which undoubtedly has a positive effect on their mental health.

In refusing to have her pictures edited, Graham has proudly shown off her cellulite in magazines and on Instagram too. Featured above is an unedited picture from her Sports Illustrated photo shoot which she shared with her 6.5 million followers.

This picture was captioned with lyrics from Kendrick Lamar’s song ‘Humble’, with Graham writing, “Show me somethin’ natural like a** with some stretch marks… OR cellulite.”