Few things are more annoying than getting a call or an email from an unknown source and realizing that your data privacy has been breached yet again. Spam is an inevitable part of life in the modern world, but there are some pieces of information which we don’t want anyone to have.

A good example of this are our Facebook profiles, which contain intimate details about our lives. So, naturally, people were outraged when news broke that Facebook had passed on the details of a reported 50 million users to a data mining firm called Cambridge Analytica.

Check out the video below where Steve Jobs gives a chilling warning to the social media giant:

This scandal is not the first time that Cambridge Analytica has hit the headlines. The firm’s use of data has previously been linked to the election of Donald Trump and the victory of the Leave campaign in the United Kingdom’s Brexit referendum in 2016.

The information obtained by Cambridge Analytica was taken without users’ permission, and, in 2010, Steve Jobs made a point of stressing the importance of companies spelling out their privacy rules in “plain English and repeatedly” to prevent scandals like this from happening.

Jobs, who died in 2011, explained the importance of data protection at the Wall Street Journal conference ‘All Things Digital’ in LA, and a certain giant of the social media world, namely Mark Zuckerberg, just so happened to be in the audience. Awkward.

The Apple founder was made these comments after Google was accused of intercepting US data sent over unencrypted wi-fi routers, reports Quartz, and, at the time, Facebook was in the process of updating its privacy controls.