One of the most heartbreaking things that can happen to you in life is having your possessions stolen. There’s a definite sense of violation and intense mistrust that accompanies the realization that someone has taken something from you without your permission.

And that violated sense of trust can, in most cases, make you despise whoever it was that wronged you. But what if you came to realize that the thief wasn’t at fault at all?

One man consistently had his possessions stolen, so he went to great lengths to discover who the perpetrator was:

Senthil Nathan, a man from Chennai in India, began to grow increasingly suspicious and alarmed at the fact that non-valuable items kept disappearing from his and his wife’s front porch on a regular basis.

Every mundane, domestic item – from mops to doormats – would soon disappear if they were placed within reach of the front porch.

So apparently this very persistent thief was in need of household items, but why did they feel the need to steal it from Senthil and his wife specifically? “We live in an apartment and occupy one of the flats in the ground floor,” Senthil said in an interview with Bored Panda. “We originally suspected that it was a cat, which comes and sleeps on our porch sometimes.”

However, upon further reflection, the couple decided it couldn’t have been the cat because it would not have been capable of dragging a doormat through the iron bars of the gate. It had to be someone else – a human! A cunning thief who, out of fear of being caught, went to great lengths to make sure he or she wouldn’t be seen by the very people they were stealing from.