Have you ever come across anyone more honest than a child? Unable to understand social constructs which prevent people from simply blurting out exactly what they think, they often speak the truth without any awareness of the impact their blunt words will have.

They speak their minds, something which is both a blessing and a curse. For parents around the world, it is a mixture of both. On the one hand, your child may warm your heart by spontaneously telling you they love you, whilst simultaneously slating your new haircut – one that you had liked until they had made their thoughts known.

For other people, a child’s inability to bite their tongue is nothing but a curse. One person who learned that the hard way is Donald Trump, who was roasted by a bunch of kindergarten and elementary school kids when they’re asked for their opinion on the former reality star’s run as president of the United States.

Watch the video and try not to laugh – we promise you, it’s practically impossible…

So there you have it, the raw truth delivered to you by kids who aren’t even old enough to pack their own lunchbox, let alone vote.

Image Credit: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

The kids don’t even try to be diplomatic when answering the questions. Extremely cynical of Trump’s year in the Oval Office, they blast him unceremoniously on national television.

Image Credit: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

Being honest though, considering the recent allegations made by several women regarding Trump’s fidelity, I reckon you’re more likely to get a truthful answer from a child rather than the POTUS.

Whilst it’s easy to say that these children are just mimicking their parents, it’s clear to see from the comical clip that they are putting their own spin on it. A scary prospect given that these are the children of the future! The ballot box could be a colorful place in 15 years time!