Sebastian the cartoon crab once sang “life is much better down where it’s wetter”, and it’s a phrase which some people have taken very literally. While most of us only ever fantasized about being merpeople for a short period of our childhoods, one man has made his dream a reality.

After being inspired by The Little Mermaid as a child, 24-year-old Christian Riel went on a mission to become a real-life merman two years ago and this involved making a custom (and might I add fully functional) tail that set him back a cool $1,581 (£1,120).

Check out the video below where he shows his tail off in all its glory:

The college student now wears his tail whenever possible – whether that involves taking a soak in his bathtub, swimming pool, the ocean, or, as was the case in this series of pictures, posing for sultry snaps that probably made Posiden’s daughters weak at the knees… or fins.

“Disney’s Little Mermaid made me discover my love for the ocean and the sea,” he explained.

“I’ve lived in Florida for two years and drove out to the ocean whenever I had the time,” the 24-year-old continued.

“I just love sitting by the shore and love swimming in the salty sea water.”