Adults are supposed to be responsible and set a good example for young children, but sadly, plenty of adults are immature jerks who feel the need to take a swipe at others’ self-esteem to make themselves feel less insecure.

I have to wonder; were these adults bullies when they were younger? Are they so unhappy now that they have to make themselves feel good by putting others down?

This type of situation is especially upsetting when it comes from a teacher toward a student. Parents trust teachers with their children and certainly don’t expect them to be harming the confidence of the most vulnerable.

Case in point, Paris Lane, a 12-year-old girl from the UK who is already self-conscious about her fiery red hair, was recently criticised about it by a teacher at her school. The teacher even went so far as to suggest she should dye it a different color!

Here’s a list of things you definitely shouldn’t say to a ginger person:

“I was walking around school and heard somebody say, ‘Oi.’ I turned around and said, ‘Me?’ I didn’t really see him. He said, ‘You need to dye your hair back.’ He said, ‘Orange isn’t a natural color.’ I then left and walked off,” Paris said, describing the incident.

Paris confided in her mother, Nicola, about what had happened and her mom was understandably furious.