Melissa McCarthy is well known for being America’s plus-size sweetheart. Her iconic roles in Gilmore Girls, Mike and Molly, and Bridesmaids made her a major player in Hollywood, but despite her A-list status, she never conformed to Hollywood beauty standards.

Don’t get me wrong, Melissa is a beautiful woman, but so many actresses end up becoming stick thin after scoring their first major roles. But Melissa never let her size hold her back, and she continued to score starring roles.

She has perhaps helped to pave the way for other plus-size actors to be accepted in starring roles, such as Chrissy Metz in This Is Us. Melissa even started her own plus-size clothing line, Seven7, after designers failed to provide her with an “Oscar-worthy” gown for the awards night.

However, within the past year, Melissa has slimmed down substantially, losing a whopping 75 lbs! America’s plus-size sweetheart is not so plus-size anymore. Though before you start thinking the Hollywood pressure to be thin must have gotten to her, you need to hear the real story.