It’s not uncommon for kids and youngsters to suspect one of their parents of cheating on the other, especially if they had a history of doing just that. As unfortunate as it sounds, this is a pretty common occurrence within families.

However, what definitely isn’t normal is finding yourself in a situation in which one of your parents is not only cheating on the other but is cheating with your friend.

This outraged teenager watched her friend try it on with her stepdad: 

Christina had recently begun to grow suspicious of her stepdad and his loyalty to her mom. She noticed that he “stared inappropriately” at her friends and so decided to enlist the help of ‘To Catch a Cheater’ – a popular YouTube channel which usually involves suspicious partners baiting their significant others into being unfaithful.

However, for this episode, Christina’s friend, Tara agreed to help test her stepdad, but what happened between him and Tara would prove a bitter pill to swallow.

As Christina sits down to watch the damning footage, our anticipation, as viewers, goes through the roof.

From the outset, Tara begins flirting with her friend’s stepdad, subtly complimenting him on his body. She also announces that she is now 18 and will be having a party to celebrate the occasion. Tara has no qualms about suggesting that he come to the party, an offer which the stepdad initially declines, saying that it would “make Christina feel a little bit weird” if he turned up as a chaperone.

Tara then reveals that his stepdaughter is, in fact, unable to attend, to which he immediately responds: “Will there be other grown-ups there?” After assuring him that there would be no parents at the party, he agrees to come if it’s “important” to Tara.

Tara then goes a step further by suggesting he take her out for dinner before the party, which he agrees to without a second’s hesitation. To make matters even worse, the stepdad then organizes a night alone with Tara while his wife is away.

Before the pair part ways, Tara pecks him on the cheek, prompting Christina to scream in utter disgust. “What the f***? I don’t want to watch it!” she exclaims. She then calls up her “friend” and screams at her for “taking it too far”. We can only imagine how she confronted her Tara in the flesh.

Unfortunately, we have no idea how the stepdad reacted to the revelation, but we can only imagine it went a little like this: “I can explain… [INSERT RIDICULOUS EXCUSES HERE].”

Hopefully, this will serve as a lesson to other parents that if your kid’s 18-year-old friend is propositioning you, it’s probably too good to be true.